Arriving At Customers

  • When arriving look for Shipping, Receiving, or Will Call signs. If you are picking up a load you need “Shipping”. If you are delivering a load you need “Receiving”. It gets confusing sometimes because some customers will only have one sign for both. You may be looking for the shipping sign when if fact the customer only has a receiving sign in which they do both shipping and receiving. Some customers have a “Will Call” sign instead of a shipping or receiving sign.
  • Check in and get instructions from the customer. Do not rely on getting proper instructions from another road driver.
  • Have the following information and documents when you check in:

                            a)  Shipper: Pickup #, Trailer #, Destination of load, and Driver License. 

b) Consignee: Usually only need the BOL (Bill of Lading) 

  • Do not back into a dock until customer instructs you to.
  • Chock wheel but not too tight against the wheels.
  • On time deliveries (plan to arrive at least 1 hour early unless told differently). If the customer has overnight parking, I prefer to park there the night before.
  • Paperwork at Shipper: Sign BOL after getting loaded at shipper and be sure to take your copies of the BOL. If shipper only gives you 1 copy of the BOL then make a copy down the road so you have 2 copies when you arrive at the consignee. Confirm that the seal number on the BOL matches the seal number on the trailer before leaving the property.
  • Paperwork at the Consignee: Have consignee sign paperwork upon delivery and initial next to the seal number. I always write “Seal Intact Upon Delivery” on the BOL before they initial)
  • Document Detention correctly to get paid: Have customer initial next to time and dates (Appointment date and time, Arrival date and time, Departure date and time). If they refuse, then note on BOL that the customer refused to initial, then sign your initials and document it as driver initials. Notify your detention department immediately.
  • Send paperwork (BOL) to your company and retain a copy for your records. I keep copies for about 2 months.