Truck Parking Article

Truck Parking

Over-the-road truck  drivers face many challenges. One of these challenges is finding a parking spot. Sometimes all the driver needs is a quick place to stop  and other times the driver needs a location that allows overnight or extended parking.

Drivers use a number of methods to find parking to include:

  • Billboards (better than nothing, but not all establishments use them) 
  • Fuel Directories (provided by the company they drive for)
  • GPS systems (generally do not indicate truck parking unless it is a fuel stop)
  • Highway ramps (not recommended unless you like paying tickets)
  • Calling a veteran trucker friend (let your friend do all the work)
  • Park at Company Terminal/Service Center (nice if you are close to one)
  • Truck Stop books (Paperback books).

One of the best resources available on the market is the book entitled, 

"The Ultimate Truck Parking Guide".  

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Click Here to find truckstops that sell the book. 

The driver who purchases this  book will not be disappointed. There are so many truck parking locations listed, a driver will wonder how he/she got along without it.

Article written by: LeRoy Clemmer