Finding Shippers/Consignees

  • Write your directions down on paper in case your GPS goes out in the middle of looking for a customer.
  • If your GPS device cannot find address, then try searching using the company name instead of address. Sometimes drivers are given the wrong address. If my GPS device cannot find the address, I use google maps on my cellphone. It can usually find the address even if the street name is misspelled. Sometimes the GPS device cannot find the address simply by entering “Drive” rather than “DR”. GPS devices tend to need exact address, whereas google app needs something close.
  • GPS (make sure it is counting down every 1/10 mile, when you have a bad signal the GPS may read that you are ½ mile away when in fact you are 500 feet from the place due to the fact that it is not changing). 
  • Compare your company provided direction with mapping. If they are different, I try to figure out which one is wrong.
  • Calling the shipper or consignee can be useful in some situations
  • Keep CB on Channel 19 in case another driver sees you looking lost and may offer to help you find it.
  • GPS is sometimes wrong so look for name and address on the building. Name on BOL may have C/O (Care of) and will be delivering to a different company for instance: Johnson Controls, C/O International Warehousing. (The first name on the BOL is not always the customer you are looking for)