Pulling Trailer From a Dock


Before pulling trailer away from a dock:

- Confirm with the shipper or receiver that they are finished loading or unloading you. 

- Check that dock light is green, if dock lights are used.

- Visually check to see if dock hook is released from your trailer DOT bumper (even if you have a green light)

- Before pulling a trailer out of dock. Make sure trailer doors are secure to the side of the trailer, so they do not swing and hit something or someone. Do not assume that last driver secured doors.

- Visually check inside trailer making sure there is no person or forklift in there. 

- Reconnect your air lines if customer disconnected them.

- Make sure load is secure (Load locks, straps, or nailed down wood). Some freight does not need extra bracing.

- Visually check that freight has been loaded or unloaded.

- Make sure tire chock is removed.

Now it is time to pull away from the dock: 

Pull out less than 1 foot, set brakes, and check inside of trailer making sure there is no person or equipment inside of trailer. (This extra precaution will help in cases where someone goes into your trailer after you have checked or in cases where you were not able to check in trailer before pulling away)